The Dialstone Party sunday afternoon 15th may the turn out was huge audience there was demo from our little jag's SSoG gymnastics Poynton Gymnastics mini-movers and a mass Zumba Session and followed by a massive Hokey Kooky we also had a visit from Max the rabbit we would just like to say that this was a great community event thanks to pauline and was supported by all the uses of the centre most of all thanks to our little jag's mike and colette for all there hard work on the day.
The Little Jags Team with Sensei C Moore M Moore
Lucy ready to do kata
The Boys doing three step
Beck's showing sensei howe to do it
Team Kata
Start of the demo Little Jag's
Kumite clips from the demo
Georgians presenting Sensei D Grice with a thanks for his teaching of the children at the all Saints School Marple,Sensei Grice would just like to say that the children of all Saints are very well behaved and there teachers should be proud of them,and just to finish thanks to Georgians mum for all here help all week
The student of the Shikata Shotokan Karate club with the mayor
Pictures from the christmas party 2011 I think we all agree that Mike and Colette did a fantastic party
Some pictures from the Little Jags demo at the hog roast Abney Hall 2012. with Sensei C Moore and M Moore and of course our Little Jags
Little Jags team Kata
Little Jags Demo team
the girls doing kumite
Stepping punch
Boys kumite
Red band demo
Start of some basics
Pics from the Christmas party 2012 again another brilliant party put on by mike and colette thanks again from sensei and all the kids
The girls see santa at the party thanks santa.
silly jumper comp thanks everyone for taking part
Some pics from the demo 2013 abney hall well done Little Jag's and thanks to sensei Mike and Colette for all there hard work.

Hi All another great competition 2013 at the Bramhall centre

I would like to thank all the referees and the time keeper

Sensei Mike,Colette,Lesley,Mark,Dean and Becs for all there hard work on the day.

And not forgetting our little Jag's they were brilliant well done. (some pics from the comp)

Kumite winners
Kata Winners
Little Jag's winners
Stockport Karate Little Jags Club
Hi All Another great christmas party 2013 thanks to Mike and Colette for all there hard work on the night
Thanks to father christmas for coming to see us with all his presents thanks father christmas.
Daniel with his trophy of the year 2013 little jag.

Hi All yet another fantastic Christmas party thanks to Colette and Mike merry christmas to all have a good christmas and new year.

A Big Thanks To father christmas for all his presents
Silly jumper comp
Winner of the jumper comp
Tilly Trophy of the year 2014
baby jag

Hi All Sad day/

Amelka had her last training session at the lapwing centre Monday 20/07/2015 before she goes back to poland

Amelka was a perfect student and a very well liked little girl.

It was a pleasure to have amelka as one of my student and i will not forget her.

Good bye and good luck in poland.

Sensei D Grice.

Just some pictures from the all saints sports week marple. Well done to the children for taking part and a big thanks to all the teachers at the school. for all there help through the week.
Little jags meet the mayor
Little jags talking to the mayor
The demo for the mayor at woodbank park
The after eight challenge at the Christmas party
Pictures from the demo at the hogg roast cheadle 2011 with sensei M Moore sensei C Moore and our little jags
Max the rabbit
Poyton Gymnastics
SSoG Dialstone
Some of the pics from the easter karate games 2016
Just some pics from the first 2017 Black and Brown belt course Kata Jion Run by Sensei D Grice Sensei J Robins Sensei M Moores the course was based around the basic form as done by the ssklj. And then some applications. Realey a good attendance
Just some pics from the Second kata course 2017 kata hangetsu Run By sensei D Grice Sensei J Robins sensei M Moore again concentrating on the basics of the kata as done by the ssklj and some kata apllications and also some input from the students with some good ideas keep it up with the ideas.
Black and Brown belt course 26-03-2017 Kanku-dai run by Sensei Grice
pics from the hog roast 2017
Club Picture Black and Brown Belt course 25-06-2017 run by Sensei Grice
Black and Brown Belt course Bassai-Sho Kata and Bo 30-07-2017 run by Sensei Grice
Black and brown belt course 2017
Black and Brown belt course 2018 run by Sensei Moore

some pics from the hog roast 2018 thanks to Sensei Moore for all his hard work. and not forgeting our little Jags what a lovely day for it.


Some pic from the dan grade 2018 Bramhall Centre
Some pics from the 2019 Ram roast saturday looking realey good Mike well done little Jags you dont the club prowed.
Pics from the Kyu Grading 09-06-2019 Bramhall centre well done everyone


Little Jag's Pics

Competition results


closure of the dialstone centre

Student of the month