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Stockport Karate Club

Dialstone Little Jag’s Class For Ages 5 to 15

Every Saturday 4.00pm till 5.00pm

At the Life Leisure Dialstone The Curzon Building Offerton High School The Fairway Stockport Cheshire SK2 5DS

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Stockport Karate ClubWelcome

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Warm up before the start of the class


Mokuso at the end of the class

Little Jags Class Saturday

4.00 till 5.00pm.

Some helpful info

Taking trips

to the park walking to school going to the shops take a friend with you, it makes the trip more fun and safer try to travel with more than one person if you need to walk alone make sure you now the safest way as possible.

Don’t help strangers or Accept any gifts

If a stranger offers you gifts or money DO NOT accept keep well away from any stranger and don’t go and see what they have to offer you even if you think it might be something you really want ignore them and run away.

do not get into any strangers car

If a stranger ever stops and asks you to get into there car for any reason DO NOT get into there car just run away from the car and find an adult that you know or a safety spot when coming out of school and a stranger is waiting and says they were sent for you DO NOT get in the car even if they call you by name Quickly find a teacher and tell them what happened

Know how to phone the police,fire brigade,trusted neighbour

Make sure that you know how to phone 999 in an emergencies.