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Little Jag’s Pics

Competition results


closure of the dialstone centre

Student of the month

The competition Started of with the Kata event up to the semifinals then a short break. After the break it then went on to the Kumite event up to the semifinals then a short break. After the break all the parents seated around the area for the finals of the Kata and the kumite all egging there children on to win I think some of the parents wanted to take part. Brilliant competition and all the children were fantastic Sensei D Grice was very happy with the competition. All the children were very well behaved there school should be prowed of them. And a very big thanks to the referees and the time keepers for all there hard work on the day Also thanks to Don And zoe for all there help. thanks Sensei D Grice.
Christmas competition results at the lapwing centre brinnington. 2010, once again thanks to all referees, time keepers and the staff at the centre.
Winners Of The Little Jag’s
Winners Of The Kumite
Winners Of The Kata
Competitors And Referees little jag’s competition
Little Jags
Summer Competition results at the lapwing centre Brinnington 2011, thanks to the reff and the time keeper on the day without you all we couldn’t run the comp for the children (Little Jag’s) Thanks from Sensei And well done to the Children of the littler Jag’s
Little Jags at the Northern Open Classic 2011
Left of the pic Georgina start of the kumite n.o.c.
Right of the pic lucy scoring with a front kick n.o.c.
Lucy Kata n.o.c.
The girls checking medals
Lucy Meredith bronze in there events well done girls.n.o.c.
Giancarlo competing in kata n.o.c.
Meredith Kata n.o.c.
On the way to the N.O.C. comp Sunday morning
The Little Jags are on the move again taking part in the B.S.K.open championships in oldham 2011 some pictures from the competition
Dayaan Safiyan silver bronze winners kumite b.s.k.
Abby silver winner kumite b.s.k.
Dean gold winner kumite b.s.k.
Tilly Kata bsk.
giancarlo kumite bsk
Meredith Kata bsk
little Jag’s Sensei discussion
lucy kata bsk
Some more pics from the Little Jags Christmas comp Held at Bramhall 2011
Kumite winners Little jags
Some of the little jags at the comp
kata winners little jags
pictures of the referee giving out the medals little jags 2011 christmas comp
Hi everyone some result from the christmas comp 2011 another exhalent comp the children were really good and well behaved mums and dads should be prowed of them and without the reff and time keepers we couldn’t run the comp thanks everyone. thanks to the staff for all there help on the day.
little jag tag winners
Merry Christmas to all our Little Jags from All your Sensei happy new year to all at the club
Competition pics Summer comp 2006 Bramhall centre
Hi everyone here we are again another excellent 2012 summer comp for the little jag’s some pics well done little jags
Little Jag’s and the refs thanks to the refs and time keepers.
Little Jag winners Kumite Kata And special event for our smaller jags
Hi Everyone another well run christmas comp with sensei M moore C Moore and L Grice time keeper and table. Again the kids were very well beaved. realy good student hard for the reffs to judge. and just a big thanks for the junior reffs thanks to all Sensei D Grice.
Student of the comp
Kata winners
Kumite winners
Little jags special section winners
Compertition pictures summer comp 2007
pictures from the J.S.K.A world championships 2008 our little jag’s walk on howe great is that.

Some pics from the 2013 summer comp Bramhall Centre well done every one.

Some pics from the christmas compertition 2013 well done every one. and thanks again Mike Colette and Lesley and thanks to every one on the day.
Pics from the 2009 Christmas comp Lapwing centre brinnington
Kata winners 2009
Kumite winners 2009
Action shots comp 2009
Some pictures from the 2014 compertition
Winners of the Kata,Kumite and little Jags red strip
Some pics from the little jags christmas comp 2015 bramhall
Christmas competition Results at the bramhall life liesure 2016 thanks to all referees,time keepers and all the staff at the centre
William Kata winner gold
Joseph Kata winner Silver
Summer compertition Little Jags 2018 Bramhall